Searching for Soldiers

Once a soldier's record has been tagged, it is easy for anyone to find it by using one of the Soldier Search forms found throughout Civil War Microfilm.

To search for a specific soldier, simply enter their name in a Soldier Search form and press Enter or click the Go! button. You can enter a soldier's name using any of the following formats:

  • <last name>
  • <first / middle name> <last name>
  • <last name>, <first / middle name>

You must type at least three characters into the Soldier Search form in order to perform a valid search.

When you submit the Soldier Search form, you'll be shown the Soldiers Search Results page with a list of any tagged soldiers who match the criteria you entered. Clicking on a soldier's name will bring up the Reel Viewer using the reel containing the soldier's record, showing the first image in the soldier's record.

  • Remember: only tagged soldiers show up in the search results!